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Electronic Repair Services

With over 17 years of experience in the repair of sophisticated Electronic Equipments, Clear Technologies and its partner have the experience and expertise to repair any Electronic Equipments manufactured by any company. With circuits that are obsolete, we re-engineer to overcome their obsolescence.

We have performed extensive repair for the following industries:
Our partner has been bestowed with several distinguished Awards and Certifications:

Extensive experience in the repair of Navigation & Communications Systems, Radar & Weapon Control Systems, Dynamic Positioning Systems, Machinery Control Systems, SONARS, War Games Simulators, Display Systems, Trans-Receivers, ESM Systems, etc.

These systems are manufactured by Vosper Thornycroft, Atlas STN, Alsthom, Marconi, Phoenix, Alenia, GEC, Thomson CSF, Smith, Racal Defense, Rockwell Collin, Honeywell, British Aerospace, Gull Airborne, Blue Fox, Plessey, Howell, Supermerec, Bendix, Kamov, ELTA, Elisra.


Extensive Experience in the repair & maintenance of Railways Electronics; All general Purpose Loco Control Systems, MITRAC 3000 Train Control System, AC/DC EMU Traction System, 20/50 KVA Invertors & battery chargers, Module Device Control manufactured by Traxis, Schneider, Alstom, Emotron, etc.

Extensive Experience in the repair and maintenance of Bus Electronics; Fare Collection System, Display & Illumination Systems, etc.


Extensive Experience in the repair of Microwave Radios (Indoor / Outdoor Units), BTS, Repeaters, Modems, SMPS, Rectifiers, etc manufactured by Siemens, Siae Microelectronics, Ericcson, Harris, Nokia, NEC, ERA, Alcatel, Witlink, Fresnal, Sierra, SAF Tehnika, Motorola, Lucent, Nortel, Allgon, Katherine, Subvex, Avitec, PCOM, Ascom, Lambda, Delta, Convertronics, Eltek Energy, Gammatronics, Invensys, etc.

Extensive Experience in the repair of Up-Down converters, SSPA, PSU, Redundancy Controller, BUC, IDU, ODU, Transrecievers, Satellite Modems manufactured by Hughes Communications, Codan, Gilat, Sierra Com, Anacom, Agilies, NEC, Radyne, Belcom, EF Data, Vertex, etc.


Extensive experience I the repair of MODEMS, ENCODERS, DECODERS, C&L Band AUCs, Broadcast Mixer, Audio Routers, Transmitters, Exciters, A to D Convertors, CODEC, RADIO, etc. These systems are manufactured by Scientific Atlanta, Scopus, Tandberg, Advent, Telo, Yamaha, Tascam, Harris, Soniflex, Kodak, Team, Musicam, AEQ, Comrex, Radyne, Loop Telecom, Fresnel, Airspan, etc.


Extensive experience in the repair of CNC, PLC, DCS, Particle Analyzers, Gas Analyzers, Process Control Systems, Graphic Controllers, Display Systems, Refinery Control Systems, Robot Control Systems, etc manufactured by Honeywell, Siemens, Lawson & Hemphill, Rambaudi, Yazda, Bosch, Philips, Renault, Allen Bradley, Bohienger, Hofffman, etc.

RF Test Bench
  • pectrum Analyser HP8562A
  • Scalar Network Analyzer HP8757A
  • Synthesized Signal Generator HP E8244A
  • Synthesized Signal Generator HP 83630A
  • Synthesized Signal Generator HP 8341
  • Synthesized Signal Generator HP8657B
  • Synthesized Signal Generator HP8640B
  • Communications Tester 2955B/2957D
  • Set of Universal & Interseries connectors
  • Bird Thruline Wattmeters & Sensors
  • Power Meter & Sensor HP436A/435A
  • Fluke Frequency Counter 35A
  • HP Fixed & Variable Attenuators
  • Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors
  • Dummy Loads & low loss cables
  • Microwave Counter 548A
  • Frequency Counter HP5350B
  • Radio Test Set IFR2955/2957
  • Microwave Sweeper EIP931
DTRF Test Bench
  • Schlumberger Factron 635 In-circuit Tester
  • Fluke 9010A Processor Emulator
  • Pin Point I Functional Tester
  • Board wizard BW4040 In- circuit Tester
  • Q Max In- circuit Tester
  • Anadigi IC Tester
  • Data I/O Unisite 40 Memory Programmer
  • Data I/O Optima Memory Programmer
  • Labtool 48 Memory Programmer
  • PC Uprog Memory Programmer
  • HP Logic Probe & Pulser
Rework Station
  • A range of Weller Soldering / De-soldering Stations, both for PTH & SMD
  • BGA/SMD Rework Station ERSA IR500A
  • Weller DS701 EC
  • Weller VP801EC
  • Weller WMD3
  • ERSA SMT Rework Station 60A
General Purpose Test Equipment
  • HP/Fluke/Tektronix 100/500 MHz Oscilloscopes
  • HP/ Aplab Function Generators
  • Fluke Counter Timer
  • Aplab Power Supplies
  • Aplab LCR Meters
  • Fluke Multimeters
  • Isolation/Auto Transformers
  • Static Frequency Converters (400Hz.)
Rework Station
  • HP Electronic Work Bench - Professional
  • Actel Desktop FPGA Design Tool
  • Aldec Active hardware Description Language
  • FPGA design Tool
  • Xylinx Foundation Series CPLD/FPGA Design Tool
  • National Instruments Lab View Software