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Software Dev Services

We execute projects on Time & Material Basis or Fixed Scope-Fixed Cost basis. We are a full service firm, we have helped our Customers with simple Customization to their Existing Applications to complex Enterprise Wide Global Impelmentations to Application Reingneering to 24X7X365 Application Maintanance.

A Fortune 1000 Company (Software Manufacturer)

Clear Technologies were engaged in the successfuldeployment of a global contracts system. Clear Technologies were responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Application and the development of an EJB interface framework on a fix bid basis. The Project was completed on time and within budget.

A Fortune 500 Company (Telecommunication)

Your folks did an outstanding job! IN MY OPINION AN INDUSTRY SETTING RECORD (33.8M txns, 1.8B Data Elements, 99.999% conversion pass rate, 99.999% validation pass rate). Want to thank you and your teams for their dedication, commitment and working as a seamless team across the project - WORLD CLASS.

A Fortune 500 Company (Retail)

Clear Technologies has been instrumental in taking a sloppy implementation of our CRM system that had been completed by one of the large consulting companies, and turning it into a solid system.

A Fortune 1000 Company (Finance Industry)

Thank you for the efficiency and professionalism of your team. Clear Technologies did a fantastic job of working through the issues of our CRM upgrade.

Large Financial Services Company

“Clear Technologies was entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining our CRM Application on a 24x7 basis. We engaged Clear Technologies’ services in 2005 and since then, they have done a fantastic job and have been solely responsible for improving the performance of our Application. We would recommend them to any company, which is planning to implement a CRM Solution.”

Large Humanitarian Organization

“We have been doing business with them for 4+ years. They provide high- quality services with specialized skill sets. Our experience with them in all these years has been “Very Positive” and they are one of my short-listed, “go-to” vendors that work hard to help solve my challenges. We have been able to head off any issues before they became problems and were able to still successfully complete the projects. I highly recommend them.”


Clear Technologies uses a comprehensive RAD methodology. RAD unifies the four principle building blocks of business success: strategy, process, organization, and technology.

Our methodology reflects the new realities in business: speed, cost effectiveness, and quality must all be combined together so that organizations do not have to wait years for competitive improvements.

Our Methodology compresses the analysis, design, build, and test phases into a series of short, iterative development cycles. This has a number of distinct advantages over the traditional sequential development model.

Compared with traditional methods, our Methodology uses shorter project phases. This brings benefits to the field quickly, then builds incrementally on the established base.

Characteristics of our Methodology (RAD):